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People's Republic of China

Description of the territory

The Shaanxi Province is a province in the central part of Mainland China, and it includes portions of the Loess Plateau on the middle reaches of the Yellow River in addition to the QinlingMountains across the southern part of this province.

Shaanxi is a land-locked province in the middle reaches of the Yellow River. During a span of 1,100 years, 13 dynasties had their capital cities in Shaanxi, with a total of 73 emperors ruling supreme there. The land of Shaanxi is dotted with 60 paleoanthropologic, Paleolithic and Neolithic sites, 72 large-scale tombs of emperors, 20 or so imperial palaces, 2,604 ancient buildings, and 1,200 old temples and monasteries. Overall, you could say that Shaanxi Province is a colossal natural and historical museum for the world to visit.



Started in
Official Relations started in 1987; Protocol of agreement signed in July 2006

Main theme of the Agreement
  • Cultural, economic, social and technical cooperation
  • Exchange of technical visits of both officials and administrators
  • Environmental protection
  • Territorial planning
  • Cultural, social and sport activities
  • Scientific research and economic cooperation



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