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Environment Recycle-Innovation and Sustainability between districts and Social Enterprises

logo AmbienteRicicla-Innovazione e Sostenibilità fra distretti e Imprese Sociali
logoAmbienteRicicla-Innovazione e Sostenibilità fra distretti e Imprese Sociali

Programma di Finanziamento




Reinforcement of the social economy and improvement of labour quality  



Specific objectives:

To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the services improving the labour quality and creating new jobs in the environmental field for the social cooperative, with particular attention to weak and disadvantaged people.

·         The project is aimed at testing an innovating strategy in the sustainable ecology thanks to an integrated eco-industrial system between profit and nonprofit enterprises.

·         The project wishes to develop the cooperation among profit and nonprofit enterprises and municipalized companies where nonprofit organizations (social cooperatives in particular) could salvage unrecycled garbage.  The aim is to create tools to reinforce social economy and create new jobs in fields like garbage disposal, recycling and reuse.

This project will allow the implementation of the Sew Project Waste Project financed by the Ministry for the Environment. AmbienteRicicla will deal with computer and electronic devices salvage through pilot laboratories 



·         Definition of potential sectors of intervention and of their specific characteristics (at least 5 sectors to be analyzed)

·         Definition of the risks and opportunities of the selected sectors;

·         3 pilot laboratories in the selected sectors;

·         Involvement of social enterprises in activities like: environmental improvements of industrial areas and districts, garbage disposal, recycle and reuse;

·         Development of new services with regards to garbage;

·         Employment of people that may be considered as social outcast;

·         Technical and operating support to pilot laboratories;

Sensitize territory operators, both public and private, of the strategic importance of an agency for social and environmental responsibility.



Coordinator: C.U.G.A.S., University of Padua


SOGESCA s.r.l.

E.F.A. - Ente Formazione Artigiana

Confcooperative - Unione Provinciale di Belluno

Federveneta BCC - Federazione Veneta delle Banche di Credito Cooperativo

Cooperativa Sociale PROGETTO ‘81 a r.l. Onlus

Associazione Casa a Colori

Cooperativa Sociale Città SO.LA.RE.

Bartolomeo Ferracina Cooperativa Sociale a r. l.

Adest S.r.l.

M.A.S.TER. - Associazione Mediatori e Animatori per lo Sviluppo del TERritorio

Progetto SerraNet - Social Enterprises' Reuse and Recycling Activities Network (Austria, Finland, France, Malta, Spain)


Budget Totale del Progetto
€ 930.624,53

01/07/2005 – 30/06/2008
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Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

Tel: (+39)  0422 656-213


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