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B.R.I.S.E. Boosting Regional Information Society Expertise

logo B.R.I.S.E. Boosting Regional Information Society Expertise
logo B.R.I.S.E. Boosting Regional Information Society Expertise

Programma di Finanziamento

PIC Interreg IIIC West Zone



ICT – Development and Technological Innovation


·         To promote knowledge exchanging, cooperation agreements and increasing of networks; ·         To activate and enliven 5 working groups: citizens and government in a society based on knowledge; e-learning; e-business; broadband communication; internal investment based on ICT (Information Communication Technology); ·         To identify, plan and develop interregional projects on ICT born to help suburban areas with more difficulties compared to the ones of Central Europe;

To identify main  international  and/or European Union export centers and formulate a strategy to promote its access and investments based on ICT addressed to suburban regions and partner regions.



·         Sharing of other partners’ experiences, adoption of innovative cooperation methods among the regions and increasing investment possibilities in the ICT;

·         Increasing investment flow in ICT;

Support to new jobs creation, to an improvement of broadband and to the development of niche sectors of ICT within 9 European regions.  The result is a substantial development of the regions and a more balanced regional development within the European Union.



Project coordinator: ERNACT EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping) (IE)

Province of Treviso (IT)

Derry City Council (UK)

Donegal County Council (IE)

Metropolitan Borough of Wirral (UK)

Fomento de San Sebastián, S.A. (ES)


Olomouc Regional Authority (CZK)

Regional Council of Kainuu (FI)

Municipality of Bologna (IT)


Budget Totale del Progetto
€ 1.453.000

01/07/2005 – 30/06/2007
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Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

Tel: (+39)  0422 656-213


Provincia di Treviso | P.IVA 01138380264 | PRIVACY | COOCKIES