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EXTRALARGE Explaining TRAnsition to enLARGEment

logo EXTRALARGE Explaining TRAnsition to enLARGEment

Programma di Finanziamento

B 5.3003 (2002)


Pilot project on the impact of enlargement of those regions that delimit the proposed countries  


This project is aimed at increasing the capabilities of action of local and regional authorities and relevant institutions with regards to new countries, when the border is to be considered as merely administrative within the European Union.  This will bring to a deeper mutual knowledge, to a faster integration of executive systems and to a faster achievement of management and democracy efficiency  (necessary to be part of EU). The starting point is the impact of the new regions of the EU on the behavior of local people (with focus on local authorities, association of journalists, religious association, school, women).

The project will be focused on those fields where there are socio-economic changes, with the task to preserve local identity with an active involvement of the population.



1.       Comparative analysis of  the relevant experiences implemented by single partner in every region (with particular attention to programs and projects financed by the European Union)

2.       Creation of thematic networks (one per every single target group): these groups, made up of representatives from every partner country, are the framework of the project

3.       Creation of regional focus group: they are made up of partner institutions and representatives of the key players

4.       Creation and start-up of a permanent inter-regional observatory on the impact on local people

5.       Pilot actions based on the dissemination of the partners’ experiences  and the test of new potential approaches chosen and defined by network groups

Informative campaign (regional and local events, tv and radio programs, editorial material) 



Coordinator: Friuli Venezia Giulia Region

-          Province of Treviso

-          Municipality of San Daniele del Friuli

-          National agency for the regional development of Republic of Slovenia

-          Municipality of Gotse Delchev (Bulgaria)

-          Istria Region (Croatia),

-          Euroregion Nestos-Mesta Drama, Greece


Budget Totale del Progetto
€ 710.072,00

30/05/2003 - 31/03/2005
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Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

Tel: (+39)  0422 656-213


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