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Sustain Hanoi


Programma di Finanziamento

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Depollution of West Lake in Hanoi city (Vietnam) and planning for socioeconomic development




The project SUSTAIN HANOI wants to develop an integrated socioeconomic concept to reclaim water systems and water treatment in Hanoi city. This is aimed to prevent health and sanitary risks and to grant sustainable socioeconomic urban and rural development for the industry, small and medium enterprises, agriculture and fishing industry. Any relevant group from Hanoi is entitled to take part to analysis, conception, information, education and implementation.



·         Socioeconomic analysis of the elements causing water pollution in Hanoi;

·         Socioeconomic plan for the renewal of water supply and  the treatment of waste water;

·         Socioeconomic plan for sanitary improvement in Hanoi;

·         Socioeconomic plan for rural development of agriculture and fish farming;

·         Socioeconomic plan for the development of recreational areas;

·         Increasing confidence between Hanoi and the European partners to develop long-lasting projects;

·         Intensified contacts between Hanoi, nongovernmental organizations, industry and small and medium enterprises;

·         Scouting for new development projects in Hanoi and in the other regions of Vietnam;

·         Deeper concept of cooperation with Vietnam and other Asian countries;

To develop a methodology for integrated socioeconomic projects to be transferred to other European and Asian partners.



·      Coordinator:   Municipality of Wien (Austria)

·                            -      Municipality of Dals Eds (Sweden)

-          Province of  Treviso (Italy)

Municipality of Hanoi (Vietnam)

Budget Totale del Progetto
€ 795.247

02/03/2000 - 01/03/2002
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Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

Tel: (+39)  0422 656-213


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