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I.P.U.P.C. The impact of Urban Planning on Crime Prevention

logo I.P.U.P.C. L’Impatto del Piano Urbano sulla Prevenzione del Crimine
logo I.P.U.P.C. L’Impatto del Piano Urbano sulla Prevenzione del Crimine

Programma di Finanziamento

Urb- Al program

A type project

Network n. 14


Citizen’ security – Crime prevention 



The aim of the project is to create long-lasting relations with partners analyzing strategies for crime prevention, studying previous projects and compare them to create a “Good practice manual” for future projects.

·       To create a network of local authorities between European and Latin America partners;

·       To reinforce actual relations, with particular attention to the relations deriving from previous partnerships and from emigrating people to Latin America;

·       To improve the awareness of urban criminal cases and strategies for prevention;

·       To create tools to evaluate possibilities for crime prevention to support local authorities when taking decisions on urban safety

·       To increase the awareness, among citizens and councillors, on problems linked to crimes and their possible solutions to reduce crime impact and the feeling of lack of safety among citizens;

·       To evaluate the impact of urban planning and the use of new technologies for crime prevention;

·       To identity "Best Practices" on crime prevention on an International level;

To train local authorities on new strategies to prevent crimes in partners’ cities. 



·      Collection and analysis of crime data in the Province of Treviso

·      Creation of a system for the diffusion of collected data to partners

·      Organization of an international seminar in cooperation with the Province of Padua

·      Training courses for councilors

Introduction of the “Best Practices Manual” during the final seminar in Valparaiso 



·      Project coordinator: Province of Malaga, Andalusia - Spain

·      Municipality of Valparaiso, Gran Valparaiso - Chile

·      City of Buenos Aires - Argentina

·      Municipality of S. Joaquin, Santiago del Cile - Chile

Municipality of Quito, Catopax - Ecuador


Budget Totale del Progetto
€ 384.985

24/11/2004 - 23/11/2006
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Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

Tel: (+39)  0422 656-213


Provincia di Treviso | P.IVA 01138380264 | PRIVACY | COOCKIES