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I.C.A.: Collective Insecurity and Self-protection


Programma di Finanziamento

Program Urb- Al

A Type project

Network n. 14



Citizen security – prevention of natural risk  


 To establish a common methodology of the associate bodies for the identification, assessment and analysis of the risks, allowing the outlining of the appropriate protocols and guidelines of action in the face of an emergency situation, for their later application to the authorities of local governments with power in matters of collective security.


·      The promotion of the programmes of prevention and planning on the part of the responsible technical services. These services should establish programmes to identify the potential situations of risk, in accordance with the dangerous activities carried out in each municipality. As far as possible, the approval of regulations regarding security in matters of civil protection, as well as the suitable instruments for inspection and enforcement of the regulation in force in this matter.

·      Study and analysis of the usual risks of the city and the drawing up of the catalogue of the means and resources available to face up to the emergencies.

·      Drawing up and up-to-date maintenance of the plans of municipal action to face up to the emergency situations, in accordance with the guidelines of the legal specifications of each country.

·      Activation of the municipal emergency plans for civil protection when an emergency situation occurs.

·      Management and coordination of the intervention of municipal means and operative services, as well as those of other interested administrations or private individuals, in accordance with that which is envisaged in the authorized municipal plans for civil protection.

·      Restitution of the public services affected by the emergency.

·      Promotion and day-to-day maintenance of the training and awareness of the resident population in the city in matters of civil protection, particularly as far as the existing situations of potential risk, the plans of action envisaged and the conduct to be assumed in each case are concerned.

·      Similarly, the promotion of the capacities of the staff of the municipal services and other administrations based in the city, in the fulfillment of the tasks which are their responsibility in emergency situations.

·      Guarantee, both in situations of normality and in those of emergency, of access to all the information available in matters of civil protection for the bodies of civil protection belonging to other levels of the Public Administration.

·      Development of regulated preventive functions in the regulations of each country.

·      As regards the technical and administrative capacities of the recipients, this project will favour:

-       The design of new instruments that will help the analysis of risks and development of Civil Defence.

-       The capacity of the recipients in the handling of tools and techniques in the area of collective security and self-protection.

-       The exchange of knowledge, new technologies and practices between the different countries, in the area of civil defence.

-       The development of international protocols of civil defence, which will facilitate the exchange of information and multinational relations.

The promotion of training actions for the population in matters of civil defence.



Project coordinator: Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain)

Almere (Holland)

Aserrí (Costa Rica)

Santa Tecla (El Salvador)

Calama (Chile)

Independencia (Peru)

Junín. (Argentina)

Province of Treviso. (Italy)

Riobamba. (Ecuador)

External partner: Federation of Councils of Asturias (Spain)

Budget Totale del Progetto
€ 208.086,68

24 months
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Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

Tel: (+39)  0422 656-213


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