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O.R.O.S. Observatory for Road Safety

logo O.R.O.S. Observatory for Road Safety
logo O.R.O.S. Observatory for Road Safety

Programma di Finanziamento

Urb – Al Phase II



Road Safety



·      To improve  people’s  awareness on road safety

·      To improve knowledge and duties among children and young people  

·      To improve urban planning and infrastructures planning

·      To create a model of territory certification for road safety

·      To improve education on road safety, mobility management and new technologies for vehicles

·      To train operators and technicians  

·      To create a local network among politicians, Associations and operators

To create a virtual observatory for road safety intended as a tool for long-lasting International cooperations as well as a tool to update and Exchange information, know-how, experiences and best practices



·           A pilot project (a large information campaign) with the aim to improve people awareness;

·           A pilot project to inform citizens on technological innovations of vehicles (for safety and environment )

·           A pilot action for schools education on road safety;

·           “International charter for children’s rights  to road safety” and consequent working out and testing of an innovating course for children  based on the “International charter for children” and on the analysis of the root causes of road accidents and their consequences on the human body;

·           2 school camps for children;

·           Elaboration of the “White Book” for territory planning and infrastructures taking into consideration children’s and young’s points of view;

·           A model for certification of territory “territory with safe roads”;

·           A pilot action for the mobility management;

·           A feasibility study for the project “Sustainable mobility and ecology urban reference center” in Brazil;

·           2 weeks training on 8 main themes of the project;

·           Local seminars to spread information;

The web site of the Virtual Observatory for road safety 



Coordinator: Province of Treviso

-          Erechim (Brasil)

-          Commission for the development of the northern region of Rio Grande del Sul  (Brasil)

-          Juiz da Fora (Brasil)

-          Criciuma (Brasil)

-          Vina del Mar (Chile)


Budget Totale del Progetto
€ 1.300.000

13/12/2004 - 14/12/2006
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Services for the citizens

Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

Tel: (+39)  0422 656-213


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