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SEEDS: Sustainable and Effective Entrepreneuship’s Development Scheme

logo SEEDS: Creazione di una struttura per lo sviluppo sostenibile ed efficace del sistema impresa
logo SEEDS: Creazione di una struttura per lo sviluppo sostenibile ed efficace del sistema impresa

Programma di Finanziamento

Interreg IIIB - Cadses



Promoting spatial development approaches and actions for social and economic cohesion



·    Carry-out analysis in the participating areas, based on actual conditions/ requirements, as well as on the provisions of the CADSES Spatial Development strategy.

·    Establish joint reflection groups involving as many as possible relevant actors of each territory and lay down strategic and operational objectives concerning trans-territorial sustainable SMEs’ development in the areas involved.

·    Develop and implement a coherent framework for establishing and operating effective transnational partnerships to promote SMEs’ sustainable development.

Reinforce and further develop the existing partners’ structures and to exploit them for creating and network skilful units to support sustainable SMEs’ development and joint cooperation in the CADSES.



SEEDS is expected to generate multiple impact in the target areas, in fields such as:

·      The existing Structures for supporting SMEs’ development in the E.U. project territories will be enriched and become capable to facilitate and promote SMEs internationalization in the CADSES. Also, they will gain direct access to comprehensive information concerning the accession countries through the I.E.S.-Net.

·      The accession territories concerned will be granted improved Structures for supporting entrepreneurship’s sustainable development and SMEs’ transnational cooperation, while they will also obtain access to high-level expertise and know-how.

·      The prospects for attracting investments and the business opportunities will be increased, due to the improved structures and to the capability for rational relevant strategic planning; also, the business ventures that will be established during implementation, will act as good examples for potential investors and entrepreneurs.

The perspectives for harmonized and sustainable SMEs’ development in the CADSES will be raised, since the project will provide for rational trans-territorial planning, aiming at exploiting each territory’s strong points and at improving of disadvantages in the frame of an integrated sustainable SMEs’ development strategy.



Coordinator: Bic dell’Attica (Grece)

-     Province of Treviso

-     Veneto Region

-     Irecoop Veneto

-     Tecnopolis Csata Regione Della Puglia

-     Athens Chamber of Small and Medium Industries (Grece)

-     Etat Sa (Grece)

-     Elke (Grece)

-     Association of Balkan Regions (Abr) (Grece)

-     Clotefi Sa (Grece)

-     Elkede Sa (Grece)

-     Etba Sa (Grece)

-     Dipek (Grece)

-     Itd Dimitra (Grece)

-     Region of Eastern Macedonia - Thrace (Grece)

-     Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bulgary)

-     Osc (Open Society Club) (Bulgary)

-     Bic Francoforte (Germany)

-     Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Germany)

-     Distretto Governativo Di Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgary)

-     Centro Sociale Per L’imprenditoria (Bulgaria)

-     District Administration of Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgary)

-     Fes (Romania)

-     Arc Fund (Bulgary)

-     Alba Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (Romania)

-     Cluj Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Romania)


Budget Totale del Progetto
€ 2.379.000

01/11/2003 – 31/05/2007
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Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

Tel: (+39)  0422 656-213


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