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DRAU AND PIAVE: rivers and architectures


Programma di Finanziamento

Interreg IV Italia Austria



Architectural and Tourist enhancement of the areas close to Drau and Piave rivers



The project aims at developing a sustainable eco-tourism and to reinforce the sense of belonging and identity of local people  improving the quality of life thanks to urban planning and cross-border promotion of high-quality architecture.·         definition of high-quality contemporary architecture for Italian and Austrian Alpine areas along catchment areas of the Piave and Drau rivers;·         new way of designing based on a common and sustainable strategy; ·         organic and workable census and cataloguing of the historical and contemporary architectural manufacture along the Piave and Drau rivers;·         Historical-architectural, archeological, ethnographical itineraries having “water” as common denominator;·         enhancement and promotion of historical and contemporary architectural monuments; ·         to highlight outstanding architectural and environmental features;·         enhancement of neglected places/sites and reinforcement of sense of belonging and territorial identity;·         to increase the quality of building standards using sustainable criteria;

cross-border exchange of best practices with regards to building designing to favour high-quality architecture along the Piave and Drau rivers.



·         Census and inventary of the architectural heritage in valleys of the Piave and Drau rivers

·         Territorial analysis following to data collection on environmental, landscape, cultural resources and on inadequate elements

  • Eco-tourist itinerary that keeps into consideration local typical products, accommodation capacity, stable attraction sources and other possible recreation means linked to the Piave river
  • Guidelines for planning and management of the urban interventions aimed at improving and enhance environment and cultural heritage of the coastal areas
  • Organization of a public competition for concept and design of urban intervention for the improvement and enhancement of the environment and cultural heritage in the coastal areas
  • Project Web site

Cross-border transfer of knowledge and know-how on territorial planning trough definition of guidelines 




Coordinator: Province of Belluno

Province of Treviso

Casa dell’Architettura della Corinzia

Tourist association Dobbiamo

Kulturland Kärnten - Kärnten Werbung Marketing & Innovationsmanagement GmbH


Budget Totale del Progetto

36 mesi
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Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

Tel: (+39)  0422 656-213


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