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FOKS: Focus on Key Sources of Environmental Risks

logo FOKS
logo FOKS

Programma di Finanziamento


Program for transnational cooperation Central Europe 




Environment: Groundwater protection and  prevention of hydrogeological risks




FOKS stands for  "Focus on Key Sources of Environmental Risks".FOKS objectives are:

·         Use of innovative tools to deal with the risk of under water in deteriorated areas like polluted sites and disused industrial areas;

·         Reduction of main sources of pollution of underwater and soil;·         Start up of pilot application and proposal for requalification of resources;·         Application of European Directive on under water on the basis of the level of pollution of sites and disused industrial areas.


One of the most important  tools of FOKS project is the methodology for underwater checking. This checking on pollution of underwater was carried out in previous projects like·         5. Framework project INCORE (1999 - 2003)·         INTERREG III B CADSES project MAGIC (2005 – 2008). The tests will be carried out in 4 areas of 3 countries in central Europe:Jaworzno, PolandMilano, ItalyArcade (Province of Treviso), ItalyNovy Byd¸ov, Czech Republic



·         demonstration and application of innovative tools for integral groundwater risk management on degraded areas such as contaminated sites and brownfields.

·         prioritization of mitigation measures on key sources of groundwater and soil contamination

·         performing of pilot applications and feasibility studies for source remediation activities

downscaling the cornerstones of EU Groundwater Directive for the scale of contaminated sites and brownfields in longer perspective FOKS will improve the quality of the groundwater resources as essential part of the environment (e.g. used for drinking water purposes) and will open the way for a better use of degraded areas will be targeted. This requires the development of monitoring systems as a basis for preventing negative impacts and for taking mitigation measures. Focussing on the key sources of contamination and the use of innovative techniques lead to a higher efficiency of the remediation efforts.




Coordinating partner: GIG -  Central Mining Institute CMI (Poland)Province of TrevisoIETU -  Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas (Poland)Municipality of Jaworzno (Poland)Municipality of  Milano Municipality of Stoccarda Institute of Public Health Ostrava


Budget Totale del Progetto
€ 3.319.050

1/11/2008 – 31/10/2011
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Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

Tel: (+39)  0422 656-213


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