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Q-AGING Quality Ageing in the Urban environment

logo Q-Aging Quality Ageing in the Urban environment
logo Q-Aging Quality Ageing in the Urban environment

Programma di Finanziamento

Interreg Central   Europe



Social policy




The project's general objective is to deliver a sound contribution to combating the trend of increasing economic and social disparities within the urban areas of partner cities due to an ageing population. It is up to the public sector partners in the project (supported by knowledge institutes & an expert panel) to create the conditions facilitating this process by putting innovative state of the art solutions for service provision into practice, by adapting cities and the urban environment to the specific needs of elderly people and by using and/or promoting new technologies to bring innovative and effective solutions to public services. For partner cities, as final beneficiaries, and for the society of these cities as a whole (senior citizens, businesses, health organizations, social institutions) concrete results of the project will have a longer term benefit because they are aimed at raising awareness about turning the problem into a challenge, triggering policy development, establishing an institutional structure to further implement solutions found and last but not least at developing concrete tools and some small scale pilot investments which will remain after the lifetime of the project. By choosing this focus on public services and urban environment partners believe that they can guarantee a real implementation of the project because these aspects clearly fall within the scope of their legal responsibilities.  

The specific objective of the project is to tackle the ageing problem in two main overarching fields of importance: improvement and adaptation of public services and secondly improvement of the daily urban living environment in accordance to the changing lifestyles and needs of an ageing urban society with the aim to achieve better social integration and reduce segregation.



·      Increased social cohesion and intergenerational solidarity as well as reduced social segregation by promoting old people’s employment (social utility in particular);

·      Increased general awareness about the ageing of the population and its  consequences on the economic and social fields;

·      A portfolio of innovative and integrated public services that meet the needs of old people even through the opportunities offered by technologies (in particular services of e- health and e- employment)

·      Reinforced local and cross-border strategies to adapt urban environment to the needs of old people  (old people easy access, urban planning, pattern of transport specifics for old people)




Coordinator: Distretto di ùjBuda- Municipality of Budapest (Ungheria)

-          Province of Treviso

-          Municipality of Marilor (Slovenia)

-          Municipality of Slovenska Bistricia (Slovenia)

-          Istituto di Economia e Centro di Sviluppo delle Risorse Umane di Maribor (Slovenia)

-          Municipality of Sopot (Polonia)

-          Municipality of Genova

-          Accademia Nazionale di Medicina, Genova

-          Centro di sviluppo della società civile di Freiburg (Germania)



Budget Totale del Progetto
€ 2.612.750

1/12/2008 – 31/01/2012
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Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

Tel: (+39)  0422 656-213


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