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Treviso for Armenia II year


Programma di Finanziamento

Regional Law n. 55 16 December 1999



Development of vine growing and wine making in Armenia



The project’s main objective is to sustain the development of wine making and wine growing in Vayots Dzor, an Armenia region, and in the nearby Valley of the Ararat, through a professional educational path addressed to operators of the wine sector. This course is aimed at getting the specific knowledge of the wine sector in the short/medium period, while at increasing the quality standards of wine production and at repositioning the region into the International wine market.




The project aims at:


1.       Transfering the best practices and techniques to the wine sector through:


a)      work experience for Armenia wine growers and producers in the Province of Treviso through an educational program aimed at deepen the knowledge on the following aspects: growing, production, marketing and development of wine growing and production. This course is dedicated to young entrepreneurs interested in developing those skills that allow to improve the quality of the product, not only to satisfy the domestic request, but also to start up an international trade activity able to grant a competitive position within the International market.


b)      Exchange of experiences in Armenia among young entrepreneurs of Treviso in the wine sector: these operators will have the chance to know new realities of wine growing and producing the East Europe, know oenologists and winemakers, to analyze the difficulties of a developing country and the possible synergies between 2 countries.


2.       To enhance the knowledge of Armenian wine makers with regards to the characteristics of their local vines and the possibilities to improve their product through:


a)      On-site training in Armenia by Veneto experts to oenologists, professionals in wine sector and experts in the process of improvement and innovation of production and organization systems of wine sector;  


b) Publication on the Armenian ancient wine growing and making: the aim is to involve, on a scientific level, a team of the Armenian scientific centre viticulture, vine-growing and wine making (Merdzavan), some experts of the ISISS Cerletti Institute and the research centers at Cerletti to develop documentation in Italian on the ancient Armenian wine growing and making and the native varieties. This documentation will be used  as educational material by the teachers of the Cerletti Institute.


3. Reinforcing the international relations between Veneto and Armenian local Administrations and the trade relations between Veneto and Armenian enterprises through:


a) organization of 1 institutional visit by a delegation of Veneto administrators, experts and project cooperators in Armenia, with the aim to check the status of the exchanges in the wine sector and to plan future cooperation in the tourist sector.


b) entrepreneurial visit to start up a trading cooperation and define strategies for a mutual product distribution. Besides reinforcing institutional relations between Treviso, Vayots Dzor and other Armenian partners, this visit (by Treviso entrepreneurs) is also aimed at investigating the possibilities of cooperation in Armenia and in the regions of the former Soviet Union



Congregazione Mechitarista degli Armeni di San Lazzaro

Oenological Institute I.S.I.S.S. G.B. Cerletti

Province of Treviso

 Civilitas Foundation

Armenian scientific centre viticulture, fruit-growing and wine making

Missione Armena della Congregazione Mechitarista (The Mekhitarist Center of Armenia  in Armenia)



Budget Totale del Progetto
€ 33.000

01/07/2010 – December 2011
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Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

Tel: (+39)  0422 656-213


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