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CHEF-NET: Cross-border network for the enhancement and increasing in the use of regional products.


Programma di Finanziamento

Interreg IV Italy Austria - SPF



Tourism, protection of natural and cultural heritage



- to promote comparison on local products, to protect culture and develop sustainanble rural tourism;

- to promote cultural exchange among the involved areas;

- to favour the use of local products;

- implementation of the tourist offer to appreciate food and cultural specialties

- to support local food and wine offer as it generates tourism; 

- to favour new food recipes by using ancient ingredients

- to favour sustainable tourism by proposing tour packages and itineraries with the main focus on typical local product;

- to reinforce the network of cross-border cooperation between Treviso and Carinzia passing through the city of Casarsa della Delizia;

- to stimulate and promote a new cross-border friendship and cooperation among Casarsa della Delizia and other 6 municipalities of the Association "Tagliamento - Meduna" with Carinzia



3 Local Working Groups with the participation of 45 people;

14 internships to learn local food tradition;

1 cross-border event in Austria on food and wine tourism with the participation of at least 300 people;

3 competitions on the revitalization of the anciant recipes in the territories of the 3 partners with final definition of 3 local menus with local and seasonal products

3 press conferences with 3 press releases

1 cross-border laboratory dedicated to the definition of one or more cross-border tour packages linked to the flavours of the three territories.

3 (at least) cross-border packages/itineraries aimed at promoting local flavours on a cross-border level

1      1 project logo and film recording to for radio and tv programs in the partners’ regions

1 dossier containing with promotional activities of the Chef-Net project; 1 site with the link sto the web sites containing information on the project;

1 web site on the Chef-Net project



Province of  Treviso, Italy – CoordinatorCity of Casarsa della Delizia (PN), ItalyAssociation Farm holidays in Carinzia, Austria


Budget Totale del Progetto
€ 93.400

01.01.2011 – 30.04.2012
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Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

Tel: (+39)  0422 656-213


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