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ALISTO: Wings on history

Italia Slovenia 2007-2013
Italia Slovenia 2007-2013


Italia Slovenia 2007-2013



Flying over the  World War I battlefields relevant to the programme area overtaking cultural barriers in order to know and enhance the historical heritage: this is the topic ALISTO deals with through the synergy between historical research and the development of a software for flight simulators. The project recreates the historical landscape by digital mapping, on the basis of the digital model of the territory (DTM), the Italian and Austro-Hungarian war aerial pictures and allows to see from high above both the landscape of 1915-18 and the present one perceiving its historical values and transformations. Such tool can also be used to assess the impact of large scale projects. The joint and shared perception of the landscape cultural-historical values allow to go beyond the concept of border. The outcome of the research is going to be spread through exhibitions, conferences, publications and networks.



General objective: Improve communication and the social and cultural cooperation with the aim to remove the persistent barriers represented by the language differences and the state border

The research on the cultural heritage specific of the World War I and, in particular, of the historical iconographic sources  is the starting point of the project. The sources are represented by the photographic shots made by the airplanes used for the battle and for the reconnaissance. The activities are:

1) coordination activity through meetings of partners that develop scientific research activities. During these meetings, the criteria for the scientific research will be fixed in the framework of the cultural cooperation of the project;

2) reconnaissance of the sites where the sources are collected, general cataloguing and arrangement of the shared database. This one, through the activity of dissemination of the results and the workshops through the web portal, will be at disposal of the scientific community. This activity will be jointly implemented by the Italian and Slovenian partners after the distribution of the research geographical areas; 

3) meetings of the scientific committee to study the shared database in order to define the criteria of the research by addressing  it on the basis of the reconnaissance results indicated before;

4) definition of the shared project methodology for the processing of the historical sources through the use of information technologies that allow a wider dissemination of the scientific data and that meet the objective of improving the communication to users that are not specifically oriented to the cultural fruition of the historical events and landscape of the first World War.

The visual and multimedia fruition of the historical landscape of the war on the Italian-Slovenian border will allow to make a further step in the removal of the barriers represented by the frontiers that remain in the collective awareness of people who used the territory in fractioned and negative ways. The digital reconstruction of the territories in another historical context and their use under educational keys will allow to remove the cultural barriers and favor the perception of the identity values of the landscape on an historical-cultural basis.

Specific objective: safeguard the knowledge and the use of the cultural heritage and increase the cultural exchanges.



N° 27 joint cross-border scientific coordination meetings: definition of the shared criteria for the scientific research, overcoming of the cultural and language barriers, sharing of knowledge, improvement of the cultural cooperation.

N° 1 shared bilingual database of the historical sources, n° 1 common bibliographic corpus: overcoming of the language and cultural barriers, sharing of knowledge and improvement of the cultural cooperation, improvement of the knowledge on the cultural heritage

N° 1 methodological report: sharing of the research methodologies, definition of the innovative technologies for the interface between historical data and software technology

N° 5 flight simulators: technological innovations, knowledge and fruition of the historical and present landscape, improvement of the tourist, cultural and educational offer of the host structures and of the programme area

Set-up of 4 rooms for the flight simulators and connected exhibitions: improvement of the structures open to the public; knowledge and fruition of the cultural heritage; increase of the tourist and educational offer of the partners involved

n.3 conventions: dissemination, sharing of the knowledge, awareness, cultural cooperation

n.2 Scientific exhibitions and n° 1 catalogue on the results of the project, n° 1 travelling exhibition, n° 1 guide and n° 1 tourist-cultural map on the aviation camps of the World War I, set-up of n° 4 rooms:

increased awareness of the cross-border cultural values, increased knowledge and cross-border fruition of the cultural heritage

n° 1 educational material: increased awareness of the cross-border cultural values, increased knowledge and cross-border fruition of the cultural heritage

n° 1 multimedia DVD, n° 1 web portal, n° 2 tv specials, n° 4 articles, promotional material, brochure: increased knowledge and cross-border fruition of the cultural heritage



Province of Treviso

Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities Regional Direction of hte Cultural and Landscape Heritage of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region   

Marco Polo System G.E.I.E

Municipality of Monfalcone

Municipality of Lugo

Municipality of Divača

Regional Development Agency of the Northern seaboard , Nova Gorica

Ustanova "Fundacija Poti miru v Posočju"



project total budget
€ 1.350.000

01/10/2011 - 30/09/2014
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Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

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