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“HERMAN”: Management of cultural heritage in the Central Europe Area

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Central Europe



Improve competitiveness and the appeal of cities and region




These are the specific objectives of the project:

  1. Jointly develop and test strategies, models, management procedures and economic schemes aimed at enhancing cultural heritage;
  2. Identity, adapt and create innovative services and  functions to promote the enhancement and the preservation of cultural assets that are insufficiently enhanced;
  3. Reinforce the management capacity of the partner organizations.


The project is divided into different phases:

The first phase includes the realization of a stakeholder management platform composed of subjects directly or indirectly involved in the management of the cultural heritage of Treviso (with particular attention to the library heritage) with which develop a report on the status of the management of the cultural heritage and a corresponding management model. 

The following phase is aimed at defining and implementing a pilot action referring to the testing of an innovative software for the digitized management of books and of the library system.

Together with the management stakeholders platform, a portfolio stakeholders platform is also expected. In this platform,  made up of organizations interested in the development of the cultural heritage of Treviso (with particular attention to the library heritage), is possible to show the results deriving from an analysis of the portfolio of the cultural heritage and define an action plan for the enhancement of the local cultural heritage of  Treviso.

Previous phases will be followed by a series of activities aimed at reinforcing the competences of the subjects working at the Unit for the coordination of the cultural heritage (created within the Operating Unit Cultural Heritage of the Sector Territorial Promotion) and, more in general, of the staff of the Sector “Culture”. The reinforcement of the competences will be made through the participation in training courses, workshops, study visits and staff exchanges.




LP Municipality of Eger (Hungary)

Province of Treviso (Italy)

National Office of the Cultural Heritage (Hungary)

City of  Regensburg (Germany)

City of Lublin (Poland)

Institute for the Urban development of Cracow  (IRM) (Poland)

Marco Polo System GEIE (Italy)

Municipality of Ravenna (Italy)

Province of Ferrara (Italy)

Public Institute of Maribor (Slovenia)



Project total budget
€ 2.021.740

28 months: 01/07/2012-31/12/2014
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Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

Tel: (+39)  0422 656-213


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