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EYES 4 C - European Youth Education Systems For Citizenship

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Programma di Finanziamento

Comenius Regio Program



Active Citizenship



- to give the possibility to educational authorities and organizations of the civil societies to take part in the development of educational policies capable to increase the sense of belonging to the UE, mobility and the intercultural learning. - to contribute to the networking of the organizations by developing the training, the cooperation and the exchange of best practices of the people working in the sector of educational policies.

- to develop innovative methods aimed at increasing the awareness on active citizenship through the use of TIC, increasing the knowledge of foreign languages, the knowledge of the associations whose aim is to promote social services and voluntary at local, European and international levels. 



• Phase I:

I cross-border meeting in Treviso in October 2011: preparatory meeting for the coordination of the activities and the analysis of the current status on active and European citizenship to better understand the initiatives present in the territories of the partners

• Phase II:

II cross-border meeting in Caen (France) in April 2012: exchange of experience on best practices  in active citizenship in both regions, discussion on the transferability of the methods and start up of the new pilot projects

• Phase III:

III cross-border meeting in Treviso in November 2012: sharing of the created tools; IV cross-border meeting in Caen (France) in May 2013: participation in the dissemination events

• in every phase, both the Italian and the French partners will arrange meetings, focus-groups and initiatives aimed at achieving the project results that will be showed during the international seminars.



Province of Treviso (Lead Partner)  “Casteller” School of Paese “Toti dal Monte” Public Middle School of Mogliano Veneto,  “Leonardo Da Vinci” Secondary School on sciences of Treviso, Vivere la cittadinanza (Association), Coordination of the Voluntary Associations in the province of Treviso General Council of the Department of Calvados (France), Collège Henri Brunet of Caen,

Collège Jacquard of Caen (Z.E.P)


Budget Totale del Progetto
Euro 94.410,00

September 2011- July 2013
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Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

Tel: (+39)  0422 656-213


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