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International Relations Unit

International Relations Unit

Now more than in the past, the European institutions are asking local authorities and their communities to take part in the democratic debate and try to bring citizens gradually closer to Europe.

What they are asking is to boost new forms of democratic participation, interact with citizens and civil society with the aim of encouraging Active European Citizenship, create networks between different territories able to bring their own issues to Europe.

It is also necessary that a tighter cooperation between the different stakeholders is started with the aim of optimizing resources, sharing skills and promoting synergies.

The Province of Treviso has been cooperating with other national and European bodies for several years with the aim of obtaining international, European, national and regional funding to carry out actions in the following fields: climate changing, energy supply, economic development, employment, multiculturalism and other issues coming out of its territory.

The International Relations Unit also deals with “cooperation” through its twinning agreements, arrangements and cooperation projects with other European and international local communities. These actions aim to encourage sustainable development and strengthen the process of building shared values in complete accordance with the essential principles of peace, solidarity and respect of human rights.




Services for the citizens

Director of the Unit

Uberto Di Remigio

Tel: (+39)  0422 656-213


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